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LED T8-600mm

LED T8-600mm

LED T8 600mm, LED T8 900mm, LED T8 1200mm, LED T8 1500mm LED T8 10W,LED T8 15W, LED T8 18W, LED T8 20W,LED T8 25W

LED T8-600mm
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LED T8 tubes, emit a balance lighting like the traditional fluorescent tube lights, but use up to 80% less electricity than traditional fluorescent tube lights, with LED T8 base. Additionally, they do not contain the harmful mercury and phosphorus found in fluorescent bulbs, making them even more eco-friendly.
1. No noise, no flicker and instant start.
2. Solid-state and vibration-resistant.
3. Wide voltage and constant current design.
4. Aluminum heat sink to extend life of LED product.
Ideal for replace the halogen or fluorescent tube used indoor. Home, office, pub, restaurant hotel, office, shop etc.

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